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These are the instructions for the portfolio assignment, I will be attaching two essays that I feel like could be drastically improved to have a better grade. Additional sources and paragraphs would be great along with elevated diction as well. In the end, I would like both of the essays I attached to be revised. The length of the essay does not matter as long as it is drastically better.

Your final portfolio is meant to showcase you and your progress as a writer during this semester. To this end, you will compose a reflection on your experience and select and substantially revise two of the three essays you wrote during the semester. Revised essays should represent your best work. Even essays that received high marks in class should be expanded upon, further polished, and improved.

Your portfolio will be composed of three parts:

  • Reflective Letter
  • One revised essay AND rough draft
  • A second revised essay AND rough draft

Reflective Letter

Your portfolio reflection is a chance for you to demonstrate what you’ve learned this semester. You have some creativity in the format of your reflection, but you should address some or all of the following points:

  • Which essays did you pick for your portfolio, and why?
  • What did you do to revise your essays?
  • Did you learn anything new or surprising this semester?
  • What did you learn in this class that you could apply to other areas of your life?
  • How did this class compare to other writing classes you’ve had?

You may choose to compose your reflection in the form of:

  • a 1.5-2 page single-spaced letter to your portfolio reviewer.
  • a 2.5-3 page double-spaced short essay.
  • a work of art such as a short comic or collection of pictures.
  • a website (provide the URL).
  • a song (recorded).
  • a skit (recorded).
  • any creative medium (check with me).

Revision Instructions:

Your revised essays should show substantial changes (additional sources, additional paragraphs, etc). This is a chance to apply the skills you’ve developed during the semester to your previous writing. Your revisions should show your development as a writer and the benefit of my notes and your extra time. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with me and/or any writing lab tutor for extra help. I suggest that you select your two favorite essays, rather than the ones you received the best grade on. You should not force yourself to revisit a paper that you found especially boring; when writers are interested in their work, it shows.

If you have any questions, please ask me right away.

NOTE: in the interest of fairness, a different English professor will be grading your portfolio. Be sure that your reflection and essays are accessible to a general audience. If you choose to write a letter, please address it “Dear Portfolio Reader.”

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