Resubmit Requirementsyour Final Paper 4 Guidelin

Option A: Revision Project

For your fourth paper, Option A is to revise a previously graded essay for 150 points (15% of your final grade). You will have a choice to revise either Essay 1 or Essay 2. (You cannot choose Essay 3; there’s not enough time for you to get my feedback on this paper and resubmit).


Your final revision should include the following:

  • A PDF or Word file that includes your rough draft AND my comments on that paper (you can copy and paste them in or screenshot them). If you want to include classmate or tutor comments, that is fine, but I am primarily looking to see the original draft and instructor feedback.
  • A Word document with:
  1. A one-page reflection that both describes your process of revision and reflects on the resulting overall improvement of your essay. Begin by describing areas of concern on your original graded paper and what specific steps you took to address them. End by reflecting on what specifically makes this revision stronger than the original and how you feel about your efforts and their outcome. This reflection goes at the top of your document and will serve as the first page (followed immediately by your revised essay). Follow MLA format: include a header, a title block, and a title. Double space. Fill the entire page.
  1. A final clean draft of your revised essay that incorporates corrections and all instructor suggestions from your original graded essay. It should address ALL of my sidebar comments on that essay and be in flawless MLA format. You will not get a passing grade if you ignore my feedback.

You can upload both documents to the same submission box for Essay 4. Canvas will show me both of them.

Revisions that do not follow directions or are missing any of the items listed above will automatically receive a lower grade and may not be read.

Option B: Multimedia Project

For your fourth paper, Option B is to create a PowerPoint or other multimedia presentation on one of your papers for 150 points (15% of your final grade). You will have a choice to create a presentation on Essay 1, Essay 2, or Essay 3. You must have a B or higher average (80%+) by the beginning of Week 5 to choose this option.


Your final project should include the following:

  • One-Page Reflection: This one-page reflection should chronicle and evaluate your experience creating the project. In the reflection, explain how your project is different from the original paper, what insights you gained from creating it, and what challenges you overcame along the way. End by reflecting on how you feel about your efforts and their outcome. Follow MLA format: include a header, a title block, and a title. Double space. Fill the entire page.
  • Your Project and Works Cited
  1. Create a presentation of at least 10 slides on the paper you have chosen. You can choose to present in the following forms: a PowerPoint, a Prezi, Google Slides, a video, a song, or another multimedia format. (If your idea is not listed above, check with me first. For presentations that don’t involve slides, check with me about length requirements.) In the project, you should present your paper’s thesis, evidence, and conclusions in a creative way. It should be thesis driven and use some combination of texts, images, audio, and video to support that thesis. Be creative and have fun!
  2. Include a Works Cited page that includes all sources cited in the paper, as well as images, videos, or audio presented in the presentation. Follow MLA carefully. Check Purdue OWL for help citing these types of sources and click on these links for citing songs (Links to an external site.), images, and videos (Links to an external site.). If it is too difficult to include the Works Cited as a slide, you can upload it as a Word document in MLA format.

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