New Wave Music Appear Case Study

Please answer the following questions. Your grade will be based heavily on how well you use
course information/topics, as well as examples of information from the case, to support your
answers. This case deals primarily with issues of personality, organizational culture,
leadership, cross-cultural issues, motivation, and job satisfaction, but feel free to utilize other
concepts if you see them as relevant.

  1. What type of organizational culture does New Wave Music appear to have? Does it seem
    appropriate for the company, given their industry and goals as a firm? Do you believe
    that a different type of organizational culture would be more appropriate? Why?
  2. What are your thoughts about Moritz as a leader? What are his strengths and
    weaknesses? Overall, is his leadership style working well for the firm? Why/why not?
  3. The firm appears to be experiencing difficulty balancing the desire for flexibility and
    independent work styles with concerns about communication and coordination. How can
    this be reconciled? If the firm decides to grow in size and locations, what will need to
    change to improve the communication channels throughout the organizational hierarchy
    to ensure that organizational effectiveness is not jeopardized?
  4. Consider some of the cultural issues that affect companies operating in such different
    parts of the world. Are the conflicts in the case a function of the different cultures of the
    countries where the firm has offices or are they a function of the type of work that is
    being performed in these locations, or both?
  5. Based on what you know about motivation and personality, what types of people are
    likely to be satisfied working in each area/location of the company? Using concepts from
    job characteristics theory, what might need to change to increase employee satisfaction in
    all areas of the firm?
  6. In terms of hiring, which Big Five traits and abilities might supervisors want to use for
    selection and why? How can the company orient employees for creativity and
    independence in those locations where it is needed? Finally, what kind of performance
    measures might be appropriate for each office location?

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