Miss Emily Poisoned Homer English Research Paper

6-7 page paper on the play Hamlet ( the original one) include a work cited page.

Double space; 12pt. standard font (i.e. Times New Roman), indent a paragraph five spaces and no extra space between paragraphs. Use standard or default margins.

Include a title that is centered and addresses the topic, not the assignment. Prepositions, articles, and coordinating conjunctions are not capitalized in a title unless they are the first word.

In the introduction use the full name of the author and the full name of the primary source or sources. Refer to the author by his or her last name any time thereafter. Short stories and poem titles receive quotation marks; book titles are underlined.

Spell out contractions (don’t = do not).

Do not use exclamation marks, (!), slang, or any conversational tone that addresses the reader as if in a conversation. (You can see that Faulkner uses some great symbolism…).

Write the essay from the third person perspective. (Hemingway describes a conversation between two people) not (You can see Hemingway…) or (I think Hemingway…).

Use the literary present tense. (Hemingway describes a conversation) not (Hemingway described a conversation) or write (Miss Emily poisons Homer) not (Miss Emily poisoned Homer).

Avoid plot summary and biographical information.

Maintain a strong thesis that is stated clearly in the introduction and rephrased for the conclusion.

Introduce, incorporate, and analyze primary and secondary quotes, but do not depend on them to fill the essay.

Avoid complimenting authors and their work. If we are studying these writers, it is already assumed that they do a great job at what they do.

Do not title the essay the same as the primary source.

Proofread closely to avoid simple typos, as well as grammar, punctuation, format, and proofreading errors.

The Works Cited Page: The final page of the essay will be the Works Cited page to alphabetically list the primary source(s) and the secondary sources referenced. The heading is either all caps or just the first letter of the two word heading is capitalized. Do not increase the size of the heading, make it bold, italicize, underline, or alter the font. Center the heading and use a normal return. Do not skip extra space between citations, and double space the entire Works Cited page.


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