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Using an e-commerce example like Amazon, discuss how e-commerce has changed the way that you comparison shop for features and the best price, and how that has changed you buying habits. Discuss how online reviews affect your buying decisions. Mention if you use QR codes or apps on your smartphone to help you make purchasing decisions, or to make actual purchases. Indicate if you use PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or other alternatives to pay for items.

There is two response from other two student. Just give them feedback. 3-5 sentence is enough for two response.

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1.One of the things that I use e-commerce for is shopping for pet food. I try to support the local family owned pet store but I became frustrated when they would be out of stock or only have a few cans of the wet food that I feed my cats. It turns out one of them has a gluten allergy so I have to buy grain free food.

I began doing Google searches for the brand and flavors that they would eat. Both Amazon and Chewy were at the top of the search. I tried Amazon a few times but the food was near expiration (one week away) when I received it so then I tried Chewy and have not looked back since. What I will occasionally do is compare the online prices for Chewy, PetSmart, and Petco and Chewy is always less expensive and it comes to the front door in two days.

I also use Amazon Prime a lot when purchasing household items as it is easier than going to the local stores only to find it out of stock or sit in traffic during tourist season.

I do not use any QR codes or apps on my phone to purchase items as it’s hard to compare selections on the small screen. I do have a PayPal account and use it when making online purchases as a means to safeguard my credit card from being stolen by a hacker. PayPal seems to have more security around their system then most online stores.

2. E- commerce and Amazon in specific has changed everything when it comes to shopping in general. I hold off on buying products so I can order in bulk from Amazon such as shampoos or day to day items. Before I make purchases in stores such as Best Buy or Target, I look on Amazon’s website to see how much they are selling it for, in case they are selling it for cheaper. Many stores including the two, offer price matching because of Amazon and other websites reasonable prices, that I surf the internet for a good deal and price match with retailers.

In a recent study, Amazon is actually the #1 review spot for products. People use Amazon to do research on a product by reading the information and better yet, the reviews. When I want to make a big purchase, I tend to convince myself to not spend the money and with Amazon reviews, when I do decide to make a purchase, Amazon reviews help provide comfort for my decisions. Being able to read and understand what others are purchasing this item for gives me more of a reason to, or not to buy a product.

I also use Apple pay when making purchases when I am out and about. It makes purchasing a lot more convenient and gives me less of a reason to have my wallet on hand. It also is more secure than using a credit card because swipe readers are no longer used. The information stored on my phone is also encrypted, which makes Apple pay more of a win. I prefer apple pay over using my credit card as I have almost been victim to credit card fraud.


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