Individual Guidance Plan Case Module 04 Course Pr

Hey do you remember me from last week . You have done module 3 course project which is ” Module 3 course project: Subject needs analysis interests and culture”

. It is the duration of the same project. Can you do that too by considering the same child that you made it up last week?

Module 4: Motivation and Mistaken Behavior

This week you will continue your Individual Guidance Plan Case Study by looking more closely challenging behaviors and the “why” behind the behavior.

NOTE: This week’s assignment should include at least one resource to substantiate your point of view. This resource can come from the course, the Rasmussen College Library or credible websites (Wikipedia, and blogs are not considered credible websites). Incorporate your resource into your paper using in-text citations and a reference page in APA format.

In your analysis this week, you will choose three challenging behaviors which might be visible with your fictional child, based on development. For each challenging behavior you will research the behavior, the possible causes of the behavior and the developmental influence on the behavior. Finally, you will look to your fictional child and determine how or why your fictional child might and might not exhibit these behaviors in their daily life. Throughout your analysis, you will use resources to support your claims.

Step One: Choose three challenging behaviors which might be seen with your fictional child’s age group. Your choice may cross-over age groups based on your child’s individual story.

Challenging Behavior for a 2 year-old child Challenging Behavior for a 4-year-old child
Biting Hitting or pinching
Cyring uncontrollably Screaming at others
Laying on other children Wrestling with others
Taking other children’s toys Destroying work or materials
Throwing toys and materials Disruptive to others at naptime

Step Two: Use the following in your analysis.

  • Using the Rasmussen College Library and/or favorite internet search engine, research your chosen challenging behaviors; look for possible causes and developmental influence. You will need at least one credible resource for this assignment.
  • Describe each behavior and the possible causes and developmental influences for this challenging behavior. If this is mistaken behavior, describe why you believe so. What is the child really trying to say or what do they really need. If this is not mistaken behavior, describe why you believe so.
  • Using your fictional child’s biography you created, determine how and why your child might or might not exhibit each behavior. Be sure to cover each challenging behavior you chose. If your chosen behaviors cross-over the age groups, be sure to explain why.

Be sure to include your reference in a reference page and use in-text citations where needed. Include a title page in APA Format. The paper length (2-3pages) does not include your reference page or title page.


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