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In the second half of the semester, we’ve read tradebooks representative of two different genres (fantasy and historical fiction). Choose one of the tradebooks that you’ve read after midterm (The Giver, Out of the Dust, or Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry) and write a 1 1/2-2-page typed essay (complete with thesis and a minimum of three supporting paragraphs) discussing the book’s use of the genre’s conventions – that is, explore what makes the book a good example of either modern fantasy or historical fiction. Evaluate how the book fulfills the criteria for evaluating that genre as explained in our textbook, Essentials of Children’s Literature (“Evaluation and Selection of Historical Fiction,”; “Evaluation and Selection of Modern Fantasy,”) by identifying the characteristics of the genre and by giving examples (including supporting quotations) that show how these characteristics come into play in the book.

you read: roll of thunder, the giver ,or out of the dust. pick one of them and tell if this book is fantasy or historical fiction. then : why this book a good example for this category? what are the criteria for this type of genre ? how well the book meet this criteria.

I’m unable to teach my Children’s Literature class on March 8, 2020, and I have asked you to fill in for me. I haven’t finalized the syllabus yet, so you can teach your choice of the three books that we’ve read after our midterm (again, The Giver, Out of the Dust, or Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry – but choose a book other than the one that you wrote about for Part 1! ), or you could teach a class on traditional literature. What would you want the students in the class to know about the literary work at the end of the period? Keep in mind that this class is a college literature class (and not a class for children of the appropriate age-group, which would be a different question! In other words, you aren’t writing a lesson plan for an elementary school class)… What literary elements (characters, theme, setting, style, structure) would you emphasize? Why is your book significant to a student of literature? Again, frame your answer to be about 1 1/2 – 2 typed pages in length.

in this question is not to write about traditional literature

in the second paper you are supposed to use a book that is different from the one that was used in the first paper. in the second paper you are supposed to be explaining why this book is considered part of traditional literature . what part of the book makes it traditional. is it the setting, characters, theme, style or structure. the emphasis should be placed on the story as being a traditional literature.. the emphasis is not traditional literature per SE


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