Finally Hit Week 8 Reply On 2 Discussion

need 150-200 words on each discussion

discussion one (decant)

Hello everyone, we have finally hit week 8! Risk factors that lead to impaired functional ability are “physical trauma, developmental abnormalities, and your physical environment.” (Giddens pg.15). When I think of different cultures and possibly having barriers, I think of the differences that environment has in different cultures; with food and different things that they practice that could be more risky. Risk factors for family dynamics are cancer diagnosis, if there is some form of domestic violence, and substance abuse addiction. When there are problems within family dynamics, there are many things to take into account. If there is evidence of domestic violence it can put a barrier in the care, if someone is scared of their partner, they might not disclose certain things in front of them. Keeping their patients away from the source of violence is important. There are many different barriers to family dynamics and functional ability, we should always be keeping their cultural assessment in mind and know what kinds of different things they practice. When we are competent in our cultural assessment and know what they might practice and the differences on beliefs, we can give better care and know the different things that might be of concern. Barriers in nursing care should never come from their cultural beliefs, at times communication can have barriers because of English not being their primary language, but there are so many different things in place to use so that communication isn’t a barrier to them. Hope everyone has a good holiday!!


Giddens, J. F. (2013). Concepts for nursing practice. St. Louis, MO: Elsevie

discussion 2(holocram)

So the first factor that can lead to a disorganized in relation to family is communication. Communication is a major point that every individual should have in any relationship but I have noticed that families often don’t listen to each other and talk over that individual usually. Having proper communication. is always the best key. The next thing in family dynamics is setting up boundaries with your family members sometimes family over step there boundaries they take thing too far they take steps in order to sabotage you. I thing the most important aspect is to defiantly have respect for your family members and not over step your welcome. Don’t treat family like an outsider but feed them out of a long handled spoon. “Within the family, system, the boundary is the imaginary line or area of demarcation that keeps the family system separate and unique from it’s external environment”. (pg. 68, Giger) The third and final aspect to family dynamics is the environment. Having a wonderful environment with your family plays major roles such as making sure that your house is clean and the energy inside your house is san to which you enter and exit your home. Having the right energy in your home sets individuals up for having good family dynamics having a hostile environment can change things for the individual and the family. “As with all open systems, an internal and external environment controls the direction of growth in the family system”. (pg.68, Giger)

Giddens, J. F. (2017) Concepts for nursing practice (2nd ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier


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