Even Write One Informative Speech Assignment

Assignment Requirements

  • The purpose of the speech is to inform.This includes providing information that is new and useful to the audience.The topic should reflect specific analysis of the audience and its current level of knowledge and interest in the topic.
  • Topic—The topic for the speech must come from a periodical published in the last six months.The periodical from which it is chosen must be a magazine that focuses on new discoveries and theories.Examples include:Popular Science, Discovery, Scientific American, Psychology Today, Nature, Popular Mechanics.
  • Time Expectations—the speech should be 5-7 minutes long.If the speech is shorter, it is highly unlikely that you can fully develop your ideas.There will be a deduction of 15 points per ½ minute or portion thereof that the speech is under or over the time limit.
  • Research Expectations—The speech must include at least three outside sources that are magazines, newspapers or books. You can include additional information that comes from interviews, .com websites as well to complete the speech.All information used must be cited as you deliver the speech.
  • Structure—The speech should be clearly structured to include 2-3 main points, a fully developed introduction, conclusion and clear transitions between points in the speech.
  • Delivery—Delivery must be extemporaneous in nature.This means that you speak from limited notes.A maximum 100 words in speaking notes is allowed.Attempts to use fully written scripts/excessive notes will result in a grade of “F” being assigned for the speech.(To avoid the temptation to use a script, don’t even write one–learn to work from an outline even in the development of the speech).
  • Written Portion—When the speech is given, the following written information is considered part of the successful completion of the speech:

“How-to” speeches and biographies are not acceptable topics for this assignment.

If you have an idea that you think is new to the audience that does not come from a recent periodical, you must get approval for the topic no later than one week prior to delivering the speech in class.

Outline-A full outline with a general purpose, a specific purpose and central idea listed at the top, with main points and sub-points written in full sentence form, a completely written introduction and conclusion, and a complete bibliography of sources used in the speech in a consistent style.At the top of the outline, you must include an analysis of how the topic reflects something that is new and useful to the audience.

This must be typed.Handwritten outlines will not be accepted.Outlines submitted after the speech will cause the assignment to be considered late and will result in a 35 point grade deduction.Failure to submit the outline within a week will result in a deduction equal to 50% of the points earned on the speech.


The grade for the speech will be based on the following elements of public speaking: (listed in order of importance for the grade)

Clear Structure for the speech

Quality of Topic Selection

Quality of research for the Speech

Fully developed introduction and conclusion

Effective extemporaneous delivery


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