Even Homosexual Assault Occurs I Need Help To Mak

The nature of rape/sexual assault has always been in the same category as an abuse of power physically, mentally, or economically. In “Sexual Abuse of Black Men Under Slavery” by Thomas A. Foster, he expands on the rape culture during slavery and how rape and sexual assault came in a variety of different ways. As stated by Philip Morgan, slaves “wore little to no clothing” which was why “daily encounters had a sexual dimension.” To say that male and female slaves were sexually dominated is an understatement; slaves were forced to have sex with each other, forced to act minimized, and forced to stay silent.

Foster discusses rape and sexual victimization of black men in regards to a decrease of masculinity and an increase of fear. Foster claims, “Objectification of black men affected bodies and minds.” This quote sums up most of how black men were affected physically and mentally to the point where male salves could not be “real men.” The legal ownership over a male body is more than just an obstruction of masculinity, but it is also an obstruction of life and well-being. Even light-skinned men are considered “fine looking” which shows how male slaves were looked at more as objects than people.

In the eyes of slaveholders, black bodies, both men and women, were seen as prizes and property. As noted by Foster, black men were objectified when slaveholders choose amongst the group to pick out who are “tall and shapely,” “the most amiable,” and even “the strength of limb, the roundness of muscle…” and so forth. Male slaves were analyzed to even the smallest of details so slaveholders can choose the best of the crop, in a sense. The overpowering of authority during slavery was more than enough to make rape possible, and to top that off with objectification and lustfulness creates the perfect atmosphere for such a phenomena. Even homosexual assault occurs toward male slaves since they were considered property for white slaveholders. Slaveholders would often have sexual relations with them out of personal agenda and sexual fetishes.

When discussing about sexual abuse involving female abusers, my perspective fairly stayed the same, yet I was intrigued about the fact that white women “hide their actions,” as claimed by Harriet Jacobs. The notion of innocence plays a large role in sexual abuse regarding women, and I believe sexual abusers take advantage of that. Not to say all women think like this or even all white women think like this because I believe that is untrue, but the abusers sexually prey on black men. Authority plays a part for women abusers also as they often threatened sexual relations amongst black slaves, bribed them for money, and seduced them on many occasions.


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