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Data, Information and Knowledge are the key words that we use in this Information era are considered as fundamental concepts of information system or knowledge management system. All these are used with different meaning in different theories and understanding their definition is very essential in every field. Though many definitions are related but they are far from being complete. The Knowledge management is complex subject dealing with conceptual thinking with abstracts, contexts and semantics. However, these the three terms are interconnected and related with each other in the field of database, information system and knowledge-based system to form an integrated system.

Data: It’s a raw fact which does not have meaning for itself also considered as unidentified record or a field or just an element of the spread sheet. Data is the input to the information system that helps in business operations. The data can be product name, its number, bar code, cost etc. the amount of data to be collected depends on how much information is needed for the organization. Data is always an asset to the company.

Information: When data is connected to one another it makes a meaning, so information is processed data that has certain value and meaning by the process of cognitive structuring made by the observer. Information helps in decision making or problem solving and contributes to knowledge.

Knowledge is the information learned. It is the capacity to recognize, act and understand on the information available to create value for the organization. Knowledge is very necessary to perform interpretation and learn new information. It plays a major part in transforming data to information, getting additional information and acquiring knowledge.

There may be many reasons for an organization to experience information deficiency such as it might be because of the poor infrastructure of the structure or the database. It’s very difficult to store all data because of the cost associated with and becomes very difficult to decide what data or information might be required in the future. So, by analyzing the vital information necessary for organization, maintaining them in the structured format using the current technologies like Cloud system would help in avoiding information deficiencies.


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