Carefully Analyze Multiple Aspects Best Source Re

Choose a source that has been the most helpful or informative in leading you to answer your research question. Most commonly this will be scholarly source you’re actively using (quoting from, paraphrasing, analyzing) in your research paper. This reflection asks you to carefully analyze multiple aspects of the source beyond its content. Reflecting in this way should help you when you choose sources in the future.

For ideas about what or how to evaluate, refer back to attached file.


  • Three double-spaced pages.
  • 12-point font and 1” margins.
  • *****Written as a narrative in paragraph form, not as bullet-pointed sections***************
  • Include a citation in proper MLA format at the end of the paper and use parenthetical citations throughout.

Evaluate the Details

Use the criteria below to discuss your best source. Fully explain in your evaluation how and why this source is the best one for your research according to each criteria. For some criteria you will only write 1 or 2 sentences, other criteria you will write multiple sentences.

  1. Type of source and why it matters to your research
  2. Audience for the source
  3. Date that the source was published
  4. Author of your source
  5. Author’s research question – Like you, the author of this article began their work on this source with a question and this article/book is their answer or explanation. This will be stated in the form of a question. This won’t be explicitly stated; you need to determine what it is by examining the article
  6. Source’s main argument and/or any sub-arguments
  7. Evidence used within the source and how it contributes to the argument and/or your own understanding

Evaluate the Research Conversation

Describe how this source fits in to the larger conversation about your topic. On what points do your other sources agree with the arguments or conclusions in this source (include the source and a short paraphrase or summary to illustrate). On what points do your other sources disagree (include a short paraphrase or summary to illustrate). On what points do you agree or disagree with this source or another source? Feel free to use the example sentences below to frame your own writing.

Example sentence structures

Written as a narrative in paragraph form, not as bullet-pointed sections

  1. My sources tend to agree/disagree about________. I agree/disagree with this position because______.
  2. On the one hand, some argue that _______. On the other hand, however, others argue that _______.
  3. X claims that ____, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I agree that _____. On the other hand, I still insist that _____________________.
  4. Author X contradicts herself. At the same time that she argues _______, she also implies ________.
  5. I agree that __________.
  6. She argues __________, and I agree/disagree because __________.
  7. In discussions of __________, a controversial issue has been whether __________.


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