Attend Two City Council Complete Two Different As

two pages for term paper and the other two pages for extra credit.

Instruction Sheet for the Term Paper

Please read the instruction sheet for the term paper very carefully and you can select one of these three assignments for your term paper:

1. You can attend one of the city council meetings in any town in the Bay Area and prepare a complete report about your observations. In your observation report, you should focus on issues discussed at the meeting such as how many decisions were made. Who were the speakers? Did they discuss any financial problems such as a budget impasse?

Did they express their views about some current local issues? What were the major concerns of the participants? There are many other questions that you may ask the city council members or other people at the end of the meeting .You should explain in your paper what you have learned from this meeting. Furthermore, provide some documents such as business cards of the council members and printed agenda of the meeting.

2. Book Summary is the other option. Read the book of Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, and summarize your observations and discuss the key points of this book.

In addition, please express your own personal opinion about this book and tell us what you have learned from this observation.

3. You can select a recent initiative passed in California and summarize your observation about this particular piece of legislation and answer the following questions:

Who propose this law?

What are the beneficent and troubled faces of this law?

Who are the beneficiaries of this law?

What do you think about this law?


  • The paper must be typed and double-spaced.
  • Check your class outline for the deadline of the paper.
  • No paper is acceptable after the deadline.
  • You are not allowed to attend two city council meetings.
  • Original paper and extra credit papers are due by the same deadline.
  • For each paper, term paper or extra credit, please fill out the attached form.
  • This paper should be exactly two pages.
  • You should have a title page for this paper.
  • If you complete two different assignments that I indicate in my instruction sheet, one of them would be considered as an original paper and the second one would be regarded as an extra credit paper, which is optional.

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