Ask Open End Question Research Design

Please read the paper Reseach Topic paper that you have done in old homework (attached as pdf).

after that please do the following:

Research Design Paper

  • Interview: at least 5, 3 if long (30+ minutes)

you need to do is to discuss what data collection method you will use to research your topic, and if you are using a specific data framework method. you need to fully discuss the following things:

a) what data collection method(s) you will use (you may mix and match methods as long as you can argue that doing so helps you answer your research question / test your hypothesis),

b) why you are using that method(s), referring to our course discussion/readings;

c) what sample you will attempt to gather, how and why; and

d) an idea of what materials you will use to gather your data (i.e. questionnaire items, interview questions, experimental stimuli, etc.

I will be looking for an idea of what you plan to do – it does not mean that you will not change your approach when you actually collect data. But this paper will be the record of what you intend to do, giving me an idea of how to help you to do it. This paper should be 1000 words long.


as answering this question please keep in mind that the data collection method is used is interviews. Please write about interview and if you want to add other method you can do that.

people i will interview will be international students at my university. you can mention that i have helped in orientations and i have met with many students from Saudi barbarian, chain, Vietnam, and other countries.

for the question you will ask please mention that you will ask open end question mostly and give some examples of the question.

Please answer the 3 questions fully and make this paper great. the teacher is hard grader and i trust you on this buddy.

I have attached the sampling chapter and interview chapter. Use both of them using the page number that you found the answer at . please this is very important to use the mat that I have materials that i have attached to you. I also attached the power point for the interview chapter it will help a lot.

finally, please look at the image that i have attached. it will show the teacher will grade the paper. let me know if you have any question

thank you so much


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